APE Player

APE Player is a free standalone program to play APE format audio files. If you are a fan of APE music formats, this software is designed for you.


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This program supports all popular Windows (x86/x64) operating systems.

Windows (x86/x64, 32-bit/64-bit) Freeware Setup Archive 721 KB
(apeplayer_setup.exe) MD5: fd872392fb48ffdb6dd1a495ab72c408

About APE audio format

APE is a popular digital music data compression from Monkey's Audio, Monkey's Audio files use the filename extension .ape for audio, and .apl for track metadata. APE is a lossless compression technology, it is much better sound quality than mp3. Users can compress the audio data file (such as audio CD) into the APE file formats without any loss of sound quality, it can provide the highest quality music files.

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